Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I customize Kaboodle ?

Yes. Kaboodle allows you to change page layouts, add / remove widgets and even create your own widgets. There are a number of personalisation features available also for the user to create their own experience.

Can I use Kaboodle with my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. Kaboodle is built on modern front end frameworks which allow you to use it on the mobile phone and tablet. On our road map is the release of native applications for iOS and Android.

Does Kaboodle work with on-premises SharePoint Server?

No. We believe strongly in the benefits of the cloud. The ever-growing list of services included in Azure and Office 365 aren’t currently matched in on-premise offerings.

How long will Kaboodle take to deploy?

Unlike traditional intranets Kaboodle is fast to deploy and start using. A vanilla Kaboodle will take us 2 weeks. Depending on your needs it generally takes between 3-5 weeks.

Is my data secure using Kaboodle?

Yes. All your data is stored within your existing Office 365 tenancy using the best practices by Microsoft.

What if I have unique requirements? Can you help?

Kaboodle covers most of the tools organisations need to get up and running fast. We understand that every industry and business have their own special requirements. We have built Kaboodle to allow easy customisation and extension with our Widget Framework. Chances are we have built something similar before so don’t hesitate to ask. Depending on the complexity and time involved other costs may be incurred.

What technology is required to use Kaboodle?

The only technology you need is a modern web browser. Kaboodle is built in Azure and utilises Office 365. A valid E1 or higher subscription is required to use all of the functionality within Kaboodle.


Is branding included in the price?

Yes. Included in the initial setup price of $5,000 is an allowance for applying a theme for you. We require design assets and branding guidelines to be provided by the client. Any extra design work can be provided on a requested basis.

Is there a set-up fee or other additional costs?

There is initial setup fee to get you up and running. The $5,000 setup includes all deployment, consulting and branding.

What is the standard subscription term?

The minimum term is 2 years. Most traditional intranets have a life of between 2-3 years. However given the ever green nature of Kaboodle your intranet will grow with you with updates and extras being added every 3 months.

Will there be updates to my Kaboodle?

Yes. Kaboodle is an ever-green service which means we are constantly adding new functionality and improving the product for our clients. Updates are included in the pricing. When you sign on we will provide our road map of updates.


My Active Directory is a mess. How do I clean up our profiles?

A recent study showed that over 50% of companies didn’t have a “reports to” in their AD profiles, so you are not alone. We have seen it all when it comes to AD and can assist your in-house IT team to clean up AD ready for your new Kaboodle or undertake the cleanup ourselves.

What training is provided?

We pride ourselves on making the user experience as simple as possible. Kaboodle offers training as part of the initial $5,000 setup costs. This includes end user training and specific training for your CMS users.