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  1. a set or collection of intranet tools.
  2. (informal) a lot, bunch, or group of people.
  3. beautiful, comprehensive, capable intranet.
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Kaboodle Intranet as a Service
fast & full featured

Kaboodle is a full digital workplace experience based on our years of building intranets on SharePoint and Office 365. After many successful intranet projects, we found our clients wanted similar features with great branding and excellent user experiences.
  • News Content is easily created, managed and published with easy delegation to subject matter experts. Our Content Management System (CMS) is built on Microsoft Azure enabling easy creation.
  • Events Promote your upcoming internal events, training and conferences using the Kaboodle Event Hub. Allow users to download the event and add it to their personal calendar.
  • Blogs Provide a communication channel for your executive level and leadership team. Bring in external content from other blogging sites such as Blogger or WordPress. Gather your external social media presence on a single page on the intranet.
  • Alerts &
    Some information is more urgent than others. Kaboodle allows easy broadcast of different levels of urgency and longevity.
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Customer stories

Contact us to find out how kaboodle’s kit of tools has enabled our clients to caboodle.

What it’s built on

Kaboodle is built on the best of the open web technologies such as Angular.js and React.js, together with the trusted enterprise cloud services of Microsoft. What does this mean? You get a rich user experience backed by robust enterprise architecture.
  • SharePoint is the ubiquitous framework for delivering collaboration and document management with the enterprise.
  • Office 365 is the market leader in cloud productivity. It offers a range of your familiar Microsoft Office tools together with new and exciting Microsoft cloud solutions.
  • Azure is the scalable, robust hosting offering by Microsoft. It has a plethora of services to accommodate enterprise workloads.
  • Yammer is to the enterprise what Facebook is to the consumer. An enterprise social platform for sharing your thoughts and files.
  • OneDrive for Business provides storage for your users that can be administered and controlled by your IT team.
  • Skype for Business is Microsoft's instant messaging and video conferencing toolset.


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